• Chris

    simply an awesome site! AWESOME….and it should be, as the Katina’s are the Best. Each of you has that fresh and never ending anointing of the Holy Spirit even on video…..Love you all

  • James

    Thanks Chris. We appreciate your words of encouragement. Please help us to spread the news.

  • Chris

    Thats automatic Kuz……Judy says hi……..

  • http://Website Nancy Johnson

    I throughly enjoyed your concerts on the Music Boat Spirit FM last May. Thanks for all that you do for God.


    Nancy Johnson

  • http://Website Sepp Barbee

    Greetings to all of you We met at the San Diego I know you all met so many other people But please let me know if you could come to our church to kind of help with our people to come out more and be more involve of what God is doing. Let me know of how much it is for us to have you over YOu were at my niece Lizzy and her husband’s little boy’s birthday party in San Diego. I been checking out the Mary Mary as well try to see how I can get a hold of them. Anyways, We r in our Long Beach Church Let me know please. Thank you all in advance.

  • http://Website Ken Landis

    Draw Me Close was one of the best versions I have heard. Since I am in our worship band at church this is one of our songs. I play guitar and occasionally bass and kinda put in charge of working out songs for church.

  • http://Website Dee Burdine

    We love the evening of Simply Worship. Today I bought 4 San Diego album for my grandkids. So glad I did. Thanks Dee Burdine.

  • http://Website Nia Marie Ripley

    Ty for the great show last night in San Mateo. My kids and I enjoyed it very much. We appreciate the inspirational work that your entire family does and May god bless you as you continue to do what you obviously were born to do :) Spreading the word of god and the importance of family…I too, come from a large family and I am very grateful for that! Much alofa n praise – Nia Marie Ripley

  • http://Website yessica de los santos

    Dear Katinas:
    it´s great for me to listen to your music! i´m a native spanish speaker, so, in my earlier childhood, i first listened to your spanish version, and since the first moment you became my favorite music group! now i´m so glad i can enjoy your whole discography! every time i can hear your amazing voices and letters, my soul is touched by the Lord! i love your song ´Thank you´! continue being used by God!
    ah.. one day.. i´d like to know the island you come from.. American Samoa! love it! and love you all! have the Lord continue blessing you!:)

  • http://Website Name: Caroline K


    Just wanted to say that I very much enjoyed your singing, actually my entire family enjoyed it too.

    I’m from the Pacific and was so blessed with your talent and beautiful harmony, makes me think of how Heaven is going to be, with all you wonderful voices. That I can’t wait.

    I might be half way across the world and may never see or hear you in person but I know we serve this same Risen Savior who lives in my heart.

    Keep spreading his word through your singing and God Bless you all


  • http://Website chloe

    hey i loved you guys at christ church today great job keep going

  • kealii

    You’re the best katinas I love the song for jesus I’m a tahitian and I’m christian I like hear your song and when you singing maybe you comin tahiti be blessed the katinas GOD BLESS YOU all the time bye

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Kealii! We would love to come to Tahiti some day. Blessings!

  • Agaperubaba

    hey ur performance is cul!blessings

  • Anonymous

    Thank you very much!

  • Noelan Wendell

    Hi do you guys go on tour and if so is South Africa on your list…

  • Anonymous

    South Africa will be on our list. It’s just a matter of time. Blessings!

  • Jo_mcnutt

    I f you don’t mind I just want to know the lyrics of I WANNA SEE HEAVEN? ‘Coz I lead our Service on sunday, so that I need the lyrics. :(

  • Rondo1018

    Just recently discovered your amazing voices and love all your songs! May God continue to abundantly bless you and your families! Thank you for sharing God’s love! :) /

  • Evykappes

    Just found you in youtube with “trading my sorrow”…..i love that so much! Bless you guys.

  • Molly LBC

    Just watch Harvest LA you guys are AMAZING! lots of love from Long Beach CA…

  • Paul KH

    Just listened to your interview on Premier Christian radio. So inspiring, thankyou. I am having troubles with my teenage sons and my relationship with them and I also have a form of PTSD. Your testimony has inspired me, thankyou. Hoping God will help my family to be not one of tolerance but enjoyment together. Thanks , Paul.

  • Anna