This journey that we started as kids has taken us through avenues and boulevards that now include beautiful brides and active children. Many many miles later, our perspective on things has changed as we now look through the lenses of grown men. Although we are advised to forget our past and focus on the road ahead, some memories — great memories — are etched deeply by events, powerful speeches and perhaps songs that became radio favorites. For years, while on the road or in a restaurant, we’d sing along when the airwaves serenaded us with these classics. These old tunes never fail to make us smile when we’re at the uncertainties of life’s intersection. The thought behind this project is simple: to make you smile. May these nuggets from our past decorate your today as our journey into the next chapter of our lives… LOVE CHAPTER.

Merry Christmas

Sitting here in Las Vegas getting ready to board our last flight home before Christmas. What a tour it’s been! Got to meet some great people, visit with family and friends, experience some beautiful cities and enjoy traveling with my brothers once again.

I’m so thankful for the doors that God continues to open. His faithfulness to bring opportunities for ministry year after year is astounding to me. I’m continually amazed at the fact that people buy tickets, come to our concerts, purchase merchandise and give so generously to help us fulfill His call on our lives.

Thanks to all of the Kuzins for your love, faithfulness and support. Where ever you find yourself on the journey of life, always remember that God’s plan is greater for you than you can imagine. In spite of the darkness and pain that is so prevalent in our world because of sin, Jesus still reigns. He is in control. As we celebrate His birth, may His peace, comfort and love shelter you and your family. May His wisdom and guidance lead you into everlasting joy! Let the beauty of His grace be the gift that you experience throughout the next year!

The best part of the road is “going home”. That’s where I’ll be. Until next time,

Blessings and Merry Christmas!


Love Chapter

It’s hard to believe that we are already in the 4th quarter of 2012. As we prepare for Christmas and “A Christmas Collage” tour that is ahead, we are also in the midst of working on a project that we’ve discussed for quite some time now.

Over the last 25 years, we’ve had the privilege of singing at several weddings, vow renewals and even been a part of some of our friends asking their future spouse to marry them. (So far, no one’s said no!) It’s always a sentimental feeling to see couples gaze into each other’s eyes, have their 1st dance or even see a Dad giving his daughter away as they listen to “their song” being sung. Oh, the different stories of love!

Which brings us to the latest project we are working on, “Love Chapter”. This record is a compilation of love songs that we grew up listening to, singing and learned to appreciate over the years. They are “cover songs” by various artists that you’ve probably heard and love as well. Collectively, we’ve been married for over 70 years. As you can imagine, it has been quite a ride! Our wives have been amazing through it all. The messages of these songs have been lived out during some of the most rewarding and challenging times of our lives. Every one of them marks a defining moment in our individual journeys. We can’t wait for you to sense the nostalgia, the love, the joy, and great memories we’ve experienced over the years singing them and in the studio recording them.

Although this is different from any other project we’ve ever done, we are very excited about the potential of impact. We strongly feel like the state of our communities, country and world could use a lot more “Love”. Please pray with us as we release “Love Chapter.” Pray that it will open people’s hearts to God’s love for them. May couples be reminded of their commitment to love no matter what chapter of life they’re in. Pray that many of us will remember our 1st love for Him and return to it. And most of all, may those who have not yet found true love, find it in the ONE where pure love comes from. Jesus is His name!

Let the “Love Chapter” begin,

The Katinas

The Katinas Visit Page Middle School

The Katinas visited Page Middle School in Williamson County, Tennessee. They were able to share a message of hope and encouragement in addition to singing some popular songs for their young audience.

Tribute to Junior Seau


Along with millions of others, we mourn the loss of our friend and brother, Junior Seau. We grieve, we cry, we question, we wonder. We are saddened, shocked and distraught. Yes, death comes to us all, but the realization of such truth doesn’t necessarily alleviate the pain. Especially when it comes to take a hero, a role model, a pioneer, a trailblazer, a game changer, a brother and a friend like Junior.

He was born and raised in the same town we grew up in. Smaller cities are usually recognized by the successes of their own sons. For Oceanside, California, this distinction undeniably belongs to Junior. He put Oceanside on the map. He never forgot where he came from. After playing for USC in LA, living in beautiful La Jolla, Miami and New England, he chose to come back home. He not only represented Oceanside, he defined it. “Oceanside”: Family, friends, music and surfing. In the middle of it all was a life dedicated to giving to the less fortunate.

One of our most recent memories of Junior was working out with him and hundreds of locals on the beach at 6 o’clock on a Saturday morning. He was leading the charge like only he could, training people of all ethnicities from 3 different generations. You would of thought he was still training for the NFL by his passion and attention to detail during that entire workout. At the end of it, he gathered everyone in a huge huddle and gave one of his fiery motivational talks. “Good job everyone, good job! We’re doing it again next week. If you show up and work hard, I can’t guarantee you’ll win, but at least you’ll give yourself a chance”! “A chance”, it’s what he got as a young boy growing up on the east side of the city, and it’s what he made the most of for the rest of his life.

Although we may not understand why he passed so suddenly, we are thankful for a “chance”. We are grateful for the chance to have witnessed such generosity, passion, dedication, and love from such a fun and loving person. Described by many of the NFL greats to be the best teammate and opponent they ever had, let us not take for granted “a chance”. A chance that was given to all of us that knew him well and casually alike. He had a knack of making everyone feel like a part of his family, a part of the team. Cherish the chance when he called us “buddy” and literally lifted our spirit. I hear is voice loud and clear, “Show up, work hard, give yourself a chance”!

We love you Junior.

Your brothers,

The Katinas

The Twins

Twin: a person or thing that is exactly like another.

February 1st, many years ago, Siainiu Liu Katina gave birth to John and James affectionately known in the home as, “The Twins”. Mom used to dress them exactly alike. They continued this practice on their own all the way up until middle school. They were connected at the hip to say the least. They are both passionate about their families. Both of them love the Steelers, the Lakers and the USC Trojans. They love fried chicken and rice. Most importantly, they love Jesus with all of their heart. No question, they share a special bond that continues to grow even at the mature age of…….We’ll let them share that on their own blog.

Although they are twins, contrary to what Mr. Webster says, those that know them well would agree that they are NOT exactly like the other. Yes, they share many common interests. However, both of them are remarkable in their own distinct ways. Perhaps at another time, we’ll share with you some of those unique differences.

James and John, we honor you today. You have been an inspiration to so many. You each represent what it means to be loyal, faithful, consistent, hard working, obedient, true and loving. It has been a blessing to watch you become husbands, Dads and the men of God that you are. Thank you for using your own life experiences to bring hope to those of us that live with you, those that work with you and to the Kuzins from all over the world who’ve grown to love you.

We love you both. You each hold a special place in all of our hearts. We thank you for teaching us what it means to “prefer one another”, while remaining strong as a unit. You’ve taught us all, “That even though we’re different, we’re the same”!

Happy Birthday Twins!

We love you,

Chrissy, Jackson, Dylan, Haylee, Rylee, Sharee, Zion, Jett, River, Steele, Blaze and the rest of us

Pics From The K5 & Kuzins Cruise 2012

The Katinas & Kuzins Cruise 2012 will definitely go down as our best cruise event, yet. 300 Kuzins came from all around the world for 4 days of fellowship, food, fun, concerts, devotions & so much more. The best part was the many friendships that were made between the Kuzins. Next year’s cruise to The Bahamas promises to be just as spectacular and we hope that many of you will be able to join us. For more information or to register, log onto

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Blessings, The Katinas