Dear Friends,

When we did our first cruise in 2005, we had no idea what it would grow into. We hoped for people to come and enjoy 5 days together and get inspired for the New Year. Like only God can, He gave us that and so much more.

The “Katinas and Kuzins” cruise has become one of our favorite events of the year. The fellowship, the food and the luxuries of “cruising” beautiful islands are no doubt enjoyable, but the greatest blessing about this event is all the people we’ve been able to meet. Many of them have become lifetime friends – they’ve become a part of our family – Kuzins!

We are excited to announce that once again we’ll be cruising out of the Southeast! FLORIDA, here we come! We will be voyaging to some of the most alluring places in the world. You will be refreshed by daily devotions through God’s Word, worship with us and our friends and enjoy amazing fellowship with people that will inspire your faith.

It is our continued passion to encourage and reach out to families. No matter what your family looks like… married with children, blended, divorced, single parent, or single, we invite you to experience one of the most refreshing times of your life. It’s for the whole family, especially yours!

We hope to see you on board,
The Katinas


Reservation must be made online with the Katinas to be included in our group.

Email Questions to: katinacruise [at] or niel [at]

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  1. These Prices are Per Person
    4B INSIDE NO WINDOW $599 $579 $559 $539
    6B INSIDE WITH WINDOW $649 $629 $599 $579
    8A BALCONY ROOM $799 $779 $759 $739
    OCEAN SUITE $999 $949
    GRAND SUITE $1199 $1149 $1099 $1049
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  2. Credit Card to be charged automatically on the following monthly payment schedule.
  3. Travel cost and tips are not included.
  4. (1st) Deposit: $250.00 per person at sign-up.
  5. Final remaining balance payment: Due 09/01/14
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The price for your Katina & Kuzins Cruise includes ship accommodations, all meals, port charges, guest speakers, giveaways, and entertainment aboard the ship.

Airfare is additional.

BEFORE 06/01/14 – $50
BETWEEN 06/01/14 – 09/30/14 – Refund Less Deposit $250
AFTER 09/30/14 – PENALTY $450

Payment plans available.
(No refunds on payment plans)

Mailing Address:
Katina & Kuzins Cruise
Attn: Niel Otineru
1890 Portway Rd.
Spring Hill, TN 37174

Phone: 615-302-2939
Email: katinacruise [at] or niel [at]


  • Niel

    $1737 for inside cabin room for 3 people. If you have any other questions you can reach me in the office @ 615-302-2939

  • Niel

    $1737 for inside cabin room for 3 people. If you have any other questions you can reach me in the office @ 615-302-2939

  • Mayreyanns

    Thanks Neil. I will definitely contact you when I will have more question.

  • Lin808hi

    Devos and song on the ocean w all you,,, hooray..

  • Susan

    I don’t want to share a room, how much is a single?? can you give me window and non window options and balcony if it is not that much different

  • Tracey

    I have a family of 9 who are already booked on the cruise is there away to join in your groups activities?

  • Lyn

    Thank you so much, Katinas, for your warm welcome on our first cruise with you. You made us feel like part of the family. Anyone who’s wondering if you should go on the next cruise — YES, absolutely, go if you possibly can. It’s an experience not to be missed! Love and blessings to all of you – Lyn and Orion McAllister

  • Niel

    Lyn it was great having you and Orion on the cruise. We will be in @ the Rock Easter weekend, hopefully we’ll see you then. Have a great weekend.
    Niel :)

  • Maria

    You will definetly be blessed!! What better way to spend a week, other than with people who love the Lord and take us all in like family!! this is amazing!! It is a small taste of what heaven will be like. Every shade and shape and size, everyone is a big happy family!! Most importantly these brothers and family have a passion for sharing Gods love to others and its simply contagious! BEfore u kno it u have ginormous family, who treat everyone the same!! i was and have been blessed….I encourage you to come, you will not be upset u came! God Bless KUZINS!!!

  • Liz

    Hi how does your payment plan work?

  • Niel

    Hi Liz,
    If we started your payment this month (March) we take your cost of your cruise split it up to 7 payments, one a month. Last payment due on Sept 1st. Call me @ 615-302-2939 if you have any other questions. Thanks. Niel

  • Joy :-)

    Ooooo…I like the idea of an East Coast cruise!

  • James

    Yes indeed! We’re excited to be cruising to the Bahamas next year and we hope you can join us. Let us know if you have any questions. Blessings!

  • Artro6

    We’ll be praying for you Sam. We’re glad the doctors discovered your problem early and took care of it. It was great seeing the rest of you guys here in Sacramento this week. What a great worship service at CCC.

  • Jhnickell

    I pray we can go!

  • Keepfrog7

    You Katinas ROCK. You were at our church! In Sacramento. We love havin you there! I did miss that you didn’t sing any songs from the Island… I would love for you to put another CD from your Island! Love the language and songs.
    God Bless as you Give your time and calling to the Lord! Smiles from Heaven for all of You…continue to Praise Him!

  • Shawna

    Will one of you guys email me please. You guys just recently visited my church yesterday. and I have a few questions.

  • Niel


  • Blessedsheep

    I am asking God to make this trip happen!

  • Vena

    Hi, how much is it for a room for two? window and non window pls?

  • Pjboo1225

    when are you guys comin to so cal we need you out here

  • jacqueline

    when are you guys comin out here to so cal we need your music soooo bad

  • jacqueline

    i will try to make the cruise i have bought two cds of you guys and they are awesome the collection and lifestyle omg!!!

  • Dan & Sheri

    ALL ABOARD!! Amazing Worship,,Great Teaching, and God’s beautiful is a little piece of heaven..don’t miss it!!

  • Titihash


  • Destanie

    what airport would we arrive at when booking a flight to go on the cruise

  • Niel

    Orlando, FL

  • titus’smom

    hi niel,
    i am hoping that my husband and I can go on this cruise, so in need of a spiritual feeding. I see that all families are welcome, my question to you is…if our 1yr old is able to go, and if so how much would it be for him and if it would be ok to book as a double?

  • Niel

    Give me a call when you get a chance. 615-500-1940

  • Is55:8,9-hisway

    I would LUV to hang out wit the Katina family!!!

  • kostowic

    Can hardly wait this will be one of many reuniting trips with my husband as God has restored our marriage. The first Christian concert we attended was in Miami 7 years with the Katinas. Thank you Katinas! Come back to Miami soon!

  • Simon Zaglas

    one day, i hope to go this cruise,

  • Fala Suiaunoa bullock

    Hey cousins so proud of you wish we could come but it’s right in the heat of season! I’m going to share with my church members and may e they can go. God bless

  • Gabe

    cant wait to head out with the kuzins again this upcoming year. bahamas, kuzins, and glorifying the Lord. Cant get much better than that! :)

  • Gabe

    Neil, do you know where i can find cheap or decent airline tickets?

  • Elaine

    i have always wanted to go on a cruise and i cant think of one that would be better than this one but i too need for the Lord to make this happen for funds are just not there

    Lord i know you can do this for me through a sponsor if need be as a tax deduction i would accept it gladly Father

    and i thank you in advance


    who ever my sponsor is to be can contact me at :) believing

  • Elaine

    I have wanted to go on a cruise all my life and cant think of one that would be better than this one and still believing God to make the way for the funds are just not available to me for this cruise

    so Father knowing that there is nothing that you can not do for i know nothing is too hard for you

    i am believing for a sponsor who will finance this cruise as a tax deduction if need be Father i will accept it :) i am not proud :)

    now i am thanking you in advance

    BELIEVING :) my sponsor can reach me at

  • Anetone

    We can’t wait to see you guys this coming week. We are bringing a bunch of young people to the Bahamas. Some of them, it will be their first airplane ride, all of them, it will be their first cruise, they are very excited. I want to express my sincere thanks to Brother Neil for everything. Thank you guys for opening up this great opportunity. God bless and see you guys next week. Much alofas!!!

  • Sosefina

    So excited that you’re coming to the Bahamas!

    I live in Nassau, one of the ports you’ll be visiting – Be sure to stop by the Fish Fry and enjoy local Bahamian Food, or Atlantis on Paradise Island.

    God is Great! The Bahamas is beautiful, over 700 islands and I call these islands HOME (=
    Alofa/Ofa lahi atu !!!!
    My heart is smiling!!!!

  • stan sager

    Joe was the first person I met on this cruise and I knew immediately that God’s spirit was strong in him. Joined the impromptu hymn singing around the piano on night 3 and attended the last service the next AM. What wonderful people, music and messages of Christ’s love. Hope to see you again. A NEW FAN,…Stan Sager

  • Elianis Guevara

    Hey Katinas!
    are you doind the cruise for 2014?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Elianis, we are not doing a cruise in 2014, but we are definitely planning a cruise to the Bahamas in 2015. Please call our office @ (615) 302-2939 and get all of the details. We’d love for you to join us:) Blessings!

  • Elianis Guevara

    Awesome!! Looking forward to it :-)

  • Nekia Brinson

    Is there one for 2014?

  • gabe

    neil!! hows it going bro!?! its gabe from the katina cruise 2012…hey bro, is there going to be a cruise this year 2014? if so…can i get the info?

  • Sandoval’s

    Glad its back, lets do this thing !

  • Dena Stanley Noel

    I am being asked what type of payment plans are available by those interested in going. Can you please let me know so I may pass it on to everyone? God bless and thank you!

  • Olga Mills

    I would love to be a part of this. which cruise line are you guys taking?

  • bella mark

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